OEM Coatings

When an automobile body that is composed of press-molded or welded steel plates and aluminum is coated and parts like engines or tires are assembled, it becomes an automobile which we are accustomed to seeing everywhere. Of these processes, coating is effective for protecting the surface of an automobile body and making the automobile body look beautiful. A coating film formed by coating is usually consists of three to five layers.

Figure: OEM Coatings

Coating Processes

Degreasing and pretreatment Removing iron powders and oils adhering to materials such as steel plate enhances adhesion to electro-deposition coatings. It also forms a chemical coating film and increases the resistance to corrosion, using chemical reactions.
Electro-deposition coating Automobile bodies are dipped in a large vessel containing electro-deposition coatings for preventing rust, and coated by applying electrical current. This makes it possible to coat the inside of the automobile body which is difficult to coat by spray-coating.
Primer surfacer This is done by making the automobile body look beautiful and reducing the damage due to chipping.
Top coat In the top coating, the final coating process, after having undercoated for coloring, a clear coat is coated to make the surface glossy and improve weatherproofing.

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Coatings for Parts

Electro-deposition coatings for parts and frames

Figure: Electro-deposition coatings for parts and frames

Metal parts which are heavily used in automobiles require high corrosion resistance, thus high rust-preventive electro-deposition coatings are used. Of these parts, frames for trucks and other associated parts that are exposed to sunshine or rain are treated with electro-deposition coatings which additionally have weather-proofing properties. These steel plate parts are basically finished with a single film of electro-deposition coating to become a final product.

Photo: Automobile parts

Automobile parts

Coatings for plastic parts

Figure: Coatings for plastic parts

Many plastic parts are also used in cars. Of these parts, bumpers are made of polypropylene for absorbing anti-personnel impact and weight-saving. Polypropylene generally rejects coatings, so special primer coatings* are used.

*Primer coating: A coating that is directly coated on material.

Photo: Plastic parts

Plastic parts

Other rust-preventive coatings

This type of coating is specifically used for automobile parts whose material is thick like cast metal and difficult to cure by heating.

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